With a house full of teenagers, time in the Martin household bathroom was precious. With only a bath as an option, often hot water and time were in short supply. The bathroom was lacking in storage space and incorporated a bedee that was never used.

The Martins required a solution that would free up more space and time while making the bathroom easier to keep tidy, by having the right storage. As the bedae was never used, this was removed therefore freeing up valuable floor space. By drawing a plan of the bathroom we were able to get the best use out of the space available, even fitting in a free standing shower cubicle by having a shorter length bath. By shortening the bath, it meant the family could still enjoy relaxing baths but had the option of taking a much quicker (and water efficient) shower, when time was short on a morning.
By fitting the sink into a vanity unit, this gave the Martins, the much needed storage space that they needed.

The Martins were extremely happy with their bathroom solution as it meant no more morning fall outs over waiting for people to get out of the bath and all the hot water being used!